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s:craft PURE wood venetian blinds

s:craft blinds from brite blinds
s:craft blinds from brite blinds
s:craft blinds from brite blinds
s:craft blinds from brite blinds
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  • 50mm and 64mm shutter style slat
  • Choice of 14 paint and 19 stain colours
  • reduced light bleed and increased privacy
  • Choice of 38 plain and decorative tapes
  • 6 valance choices
  • 5 pull options

The beauty of the PURE Wood range starts with the wood itself. All PURE Wood blinds are made from Paulownia, a wood with a smooth even grain that gives the blinds their luxurious look and feel. Unlike many other types of blinds on the market that are cut to fit, PURE Wood venetians are a truly made-to-measure product that provide the slat colours, tape options and upgrade choices that only a bespoke product can offer.

PURE Wood Blinds Made-To-Measure

The Functionality of S:CRAFT PURE Wood Blinds

A few of the standout functions of the PURE Wood blind design include an advanced easy-lock mechanism, a trapezoid bottom rail to eliminate knocking and damage to the window sill and hold down brackets for face fixing to doors.

All painted blinds are given a good covering of 10 paint layers including a UV layer, plus a hygienilac wood lacquer that kills most species of bacteria for up to 10 years.

The clean, well engineered design also means window spans of up to 3 meters can be covered in paint finishes

Colours, Decorative Tapes and Accessories

As well as being made from 100% natural wood, the PURE Wood blinds range is complimented by a huge selection of choices over slat colours, styles and coloured and decorative tape options.

PURE Wood blinds are available in 14 paint and 19 stain colours from Pure White through to Rich Walnut and French Oak. Custom colour palettes are also available to match any of the popular colour charts.

Our custom colour swatch match option is also available for those wishing to completely match their blind colours to the rest of their décor. The option to colour match gives total control over the styling and colour scheme of a room.

Privacy and Light Control with PURE Wood  Blinds

Our PURE Wood blinds feature a unique system that secures the slat to the blind cord, so that there are no large punched holes present. This reduces light bleed when the blinds are closed. Add to this the fact that PURE Wood blinds boast the closest slat closure on the market and it’s easy to see how PURE Wood blinds help keep privacy at a premium.


PURE Wood Blinds Safety

Young children are naturally inquisitive and as their mobility increases so does the risk of harm from everyday household items including blind cords and chains from window coverings.

We understand this and our PURE Wood blinds are made as child safe as possible, with the ‘child safety cord consolidator’ fitted as standard.

Conforming to the latest European regulations and greatly reducing the risk of potential strangulation, the PURE Wood range is perfectly suited for use around young children and in high traffic areas of the home.

s:craft pure wood venetian blinds

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