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vertical blinds


  • Hundreds of fabric colours and patterns
  • 89mm (3 1/2") and 127mm (5") slat sizes
  • Ideal for patio/french doors & conservatories
  • Many fabrics are matched to roller blind fabrics so you can co-ordinate the design of your room
  • maximum width 5m
  • Motorised options available
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Vertical blinds are probably the most versatile solution to sun shading problems, with many installation options and fabric types available. Vertical louvres can be rotated through 180 degrees, and drawn out of the way in either direction or with a centre split option. This allows full control over the amount of light that can enter the room, the rotating louvres allow you to effectively follow the sun as it moves in the sky allowing ambient light to enter the room without direct sun light entering.

Our spectacular array of fabrics come in plain, textured or jacquard weave types. Dim-out, blackout, PVC (rigid and flexible), washable and fire retardant fabrics are all available.

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rod or wand operation of vertical blinds


Rod operation removes the need for hanging cords and chains. Simply push the rod to draw the blinds and twist to turn the slats.

This is now the standard means of operation for vertical blinds.

Split draw operation is available as either independently controlled side or with an internal cord so a single wand will control both sides together.

cord operated vertical blind

Cord and Chain

Cord and chain operation is still available if required. The cord draws the slats from left to right and the chain twists the slats.

Due to child safety regulations it is now a requirement to have the cords retained against the wall 1.5m above the ground. This can make controlling the blinds awkward so we recommend that the alternative rod operation is used instead.

motorised operation of vertical blinds


Vertical blinds are available motorised with drawing and twisting of the slats from one simple operation.

You can opt for either a hand-held remote control or wall mounted controls with built in timers. Timers can control your blinds even when your away.

motorised operation of vertical blinds

Chained weights

Our standard option for the bottom of your louvres is the traditional weight and stabilisation chain.

Available in a selection of colours

motorised operation of vertical blinds

Sewn weights

It is also possible to have the weights sewn into the bottom of the louvres. Or alternatively we now have chainless weights available that simply slot into the normal pocket at the bottom of the louvres.

Vertical louvre blinds consist of two basic elements, a rigid headrail along which travel louvre carriers incorporating rotatable hooks and a set of louvres each of which hangs from one of the hooks. The carriers are connected to each other in such a way that they can be bunched together at one or both ends of the headrail or drawn out along the full width of the headrail. When drawn out, the distance between adjacent hooks is less than the width of the louvres. Therefore when the hooks rotate the blind to the closed position each louvre overlaps the louvre or louvres next to itself.

Louvres are weighted at the bottom and connected to each other by chains that are fitted near the bottom of the louvres.

Another option features a bottom rail with controls operating both headrail and bottom rail. Blinds made in this way can be fitted at an angle and are suitable for skylights. Louvres can be made in a variety of materials. Woven, knitted or non-woven fabrics are used as the base to which specialist coatings are applied to endow the fabric with additional performance features. Such features include finishes such as solar protective coatings for improved solar and optical performance and flame retardant coatings. Totally opaque fabrics are available in a variety of substrates for blackout purposes. They are also available in washable fabrics. Although such fabrics can be completely opaque it should be noted that vertical blinds only offer a dim out option.

motorised blinds


We offer many motorised options for your blinds

Blinds are available with battery, low voltage and mains motors.

Motorise your blind


Enhance your lifestyle with blinds powered by Somfy motors

Save time and enjoy life more as your motorised blinds do all the work for you. Depending on your preference, we can recommend the Somfy motor and the control option to suit you requirements.

24vdc power options are all available.

Somfy hand held remote control and wall mounted switches and timers.

Silent motorised blinds 240v mains powered

Individual or group control Individual or group control

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Come visit us in our Hove showroom to see our full fabric and sample range. We have a large number of sample blinds on the wall along with a dedicated motorisation section and Markilux awning section.


We offer a free survey and fitting service across most of East and West Sussex, Brighton, Hove, Worthing and surrounding areas. We will bring our samples books to you so that you can see the samples in your own home.


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