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timberlux wood venetian blinds


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Natural Tone. Natural Feel. Natural Choice.

The true beauty of wood presents a subtle, yet rich ambience that gives every blind its own personality

The Collection presents 3 species: Basswood, Bamboo and Abachi, each with their own distinctive allure and grain.

Combined with a vast choice of accessory options, co-ordinate or contrast with an exciting range of tapes, tassels and valances to express your personality.

Understanding the value of having distinguished blinds in one's home and its effect on the way we feel remains undisputed.

Basswood Timberlux wood venetian blinds


Basswood offers a variety of 9 beautifully painted finishes and 4 wood grains. Tones range from fresh whites and creams through to modern grey hues and bold black.

  • 9 painted finishes
  • 4 wood grain finishes
  • smooth grain
Abachi Timberlux wood venetian blinds


Native to tropical West Africa, Abachi wood presents a subtle to medium texture which highlights the true beauty of this exotic wood and its stunning lustre. Presented in 5 understated tones that enhances the aesthetics of the delicate grain and texture.

  • exotic wood texture
  • light weight
  • 5 wood tones
Bamboo Timberlux wood venetian blinds


Bamboo’s natural elegance, coupled with its durability and versatility, presents a stunning wood venetian with a subtle textured grain

  • delicately textured appearance
  • light weight
  • highly sustainable product

Bamboo Sustainability

A bamboo tree is able to completely regenerate itself after 5 years, helping to prevent soil erosion. It absorbs 4 times the amount of carbon dioxide that forests are capable of, and in addition, produces 35% more oxygen into our atmosphere.

Each Bamboo cane is carefully harvested, ensuring the root is preserved so that the tree can continue to grow without needing to be replanted after each harvest. Bamboo epitomises the greatness of nature; producing its own antibacterial agent means there is no requirement for the use of pesticides, which further enhances the environmental benefits of Bamboo.

Bamboo Eco wood venetian blinds
Bamboo Eco wood venetian blinds

Eco Sustainability

Central to the Timberlux brand is a strong commitment to the environment in which we operate, source and craft our blinds. It is important to us that the wood that we use in our blinds comes from sustainably managed forests, ensuring minimal impact on the ecosystems in which they grow.

Wood is not only the ideal material for interiors when it comes to its insulation properties, but trees also help to mitigate the effects of climate change. The importance of responsibly sourced raw materials cannot be overstated enough.

At Timberlux we make a point of sourcing our Basswood and Abachi from sustainable regions, ensuring peace of mind that the environment from which it is cut, is being cared for at the same time and is preserved for generations to come.

The Timberlux range is manufactured to suit each customer’s individual requirements, ensuring that each beautiful blind perfectly suits individual décor, without compromising on style or functionality.

A vast choice of accessory options are also available, enabling the blind to co-ordinate or contrast with an exciting range of tapes, tassels and valances to express your individual personality.

Basswood Timberlux wood venetian blinds

Three wood varieties

Three wood varieties

  • Basswood
  • Abachi
  • Bamboo
Basswood Timberlux wood venetian blinds

Fabric tapes

Pair your blinds with complementary colour flat weave tapes in either 10mm or 38mm widths, or choose from the stunning two-tone tape collection, available as a 38mm width. The addition of tapes as a finishing element can give your blind an added touch of sophistication.

Basswood Timberlux wood venetian blinds

Valance options

Four valance styles are available

  • L-R: Contour, Angled, Camber, Flat
Basswood Timberlux wood venetian blinds

Bottom Bar options

Two bottom bar options available

  • Trapezoid and Rectangular
energy efficient
Our Timberlux blinds are not only beautiful, but have excellent insulation properties. Wood is a natural insulator and can reduce heat loss through windows by as much as 50%. Recent research from The Edinburgh World Heritage Trust claim wood blinds could be just as effective in conserving heat as double glazing and can have dramatic effects on the amount of heat being lost from your home.
motorised blinds


We offer many motorised options for your blinds

Blinds are available with battery, low voltage and mains motors.

Motorise your blind
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Come visit us in our Hove showroom to see our full fabric and sample range. We have a large number of sample blinds on the wall along with a dedicated motorisation section and Markilux awning section.


We offer a free survey and fitting service across most of East and West Sussex, Brighton, Hove, Worthing and surrounding areas. We will bring our samples books to you so that you can see the samples in your own home.


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