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SHY ZIP motorised rooflight blinds


  • Excellent light seal
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces noise
  • Good wind resistance
  • Blackout fabrics
  • Energy saving fabrics
  • Widths upto 6.5m
  • Drop up to 10m, (subject to fabric limitations)
SHY roller blinds

SHY ZIP rooflight blinds

Rooflight blinds can be designed and manufactured by SHY to fit virtually any size, shape, angle or age of window. Utilising a wide choice of blind fabrics, every level of shading, through to full dim-out can be achieved.

SHY rooflight blinds are used in many commercial installations as well as high-end domestic situations. They are ideal when rooflights or skylights are used to provide much needed light but want to be able to control the amount of light and heat that could cause problems for the building and its occupants.

When combined with SHY's ZIP channel, the fabric is guided so it always retracts exactly square, every time so can be used on long thin rooflights whilst their fabric tension system (FTS) ensures that wide and/or long blinds operate without sagging or rippling. 

If you would like advice on the type of shading solution best for your rooflight or skylight, please do contact us for advise.

Here are some of our recent installations featuring SHY rooflight systems.

SHY ZIP battery/solar rooflight blind

Prices from £2000

SHY ZIP battery/solar rooflight blind

This blind uses a solar panel located above the blind to keep the integral battery charged so does not require any mains wiring. This can be the ideal option if your skylight window is already fitted and there is no way of getting mains power to the window opening.

SHY ZIP battery Options
  • Widths between 580mm and 2500mm
  • Drops upto 2485mm
  • Solar panels optional for power

SHY ZIP CTS rooflight blind

Prices from £1700

SHY ZIP CTS rooflight blind

This blind uses a single mains motor and constant tension boxes to pull the fabric taught across the opening.

  • Widths between 495mm and 4500mm
  • Drops upto 3950mm
  • Mains power only

SHY ZIP FTS rooflight blind

Prices from £5000

SHY ZIP FTS rooflight blind

This blind is a large at 2.7m wide x 4.7m projection so SHY's FTS blind was required to cover the space in one single blind. The blind features two mains motors to keep the tension in the fabric.

  • Widths between 805mm and 4500mm
  • Drops upto 6550mm
  • Mains power only

SHY Zip Rooflight Systems

SHY® ZIP® blinds are flexible, easy to operate and extremely durable. Developed and proven through years of successful installations – often in very challenging situations – they achieve a standard virtually unsurpassed by any other roller blind screen system on the UK market today.

The heart of the system is SHY®’s specially designed zipper ribbon which is welded to the edges of the blind fabric to create a super-strong, flat, join.

The zipper ribbon is securely held in a shaped plastic side channel housed in an aluminium side channel. This allows the blind to run freely and quietly but prevents the fabric from being pulled out of the channel.

With all SHY® ZIP® blinds, the hem bar of the blind is also permanently fixed to the fabric and a brush strip prevents light ingress when the blind runs into the optional bottom channel.

SHY Rooflight blinds are available in two main types. CTS, (constant tension system) and FTS, (fabric tensioning system).

CTS Blinds

Ideal for shading smaller glazed areas, a CTS uses a single motor system. This means it has one motor which is located inside the cloth tube. It also has a spring boxes at the other end that pull the fabric under tension. They are often used with SHY’s ZIP® side channels which allow the blind to run freely and quietly but prevents the fabric from being pulled free.

CTS blinds can have mains or battery motors.

SHY Wireless Rooflight Blinds use a far more powerful version of the constant tension system that use SHY’s own patented spring boxes and a heavy-duty hem bar to help prevent sag. With maximum dimensions of 3m x 3.5m, depending on fabric choice, the two tension wires run in the side channels giving a truly ‘wireless’ opening.

SHY ZIP CTS Rooflight Brochure

FTS Blinds

An FTS is a double-motor system with a special motor at both ends of the blind. The motors “talk” to each other through a control box as the blind is travelling to control the moving and finishing tension.

Depending on the draw and width required, FTS blind can be up to 6.5m wide and up to 20m (that’s 65 feet!) long.

SHY ZIP FTS Rooflight Brochure

Excellent light seal

SHY® ZIP® blinds’ side guides trap cloth in the side channels achieving an excellent light seal. The optional bottom channel receives the hem bar with brush strip, which reduces light ingress around the base of the blind. The cassette headbox, with fitting possibilities though the box itself, also minimises light gaps around the head of the blind.

Saves energy

With SHY® ZIP®’s fully cassetted system air is trapped between the glazing and the blind fabric providing additional insulation. In fact the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) guidance on the thermal resistance of blinds states that a fully cassetted blind with a low emissivity fabric is 8.8 times more effective that a standard roller blind.

Reduces noise

With the blind fully lowered, the air trapped between the glazing and blind fabric helps to reduce noise in a similar way to double glazing.

Good wind resistance

The robust SHY® ZIP® guides prevent the cloth from pulling or blowing out of the side channels, even when fitted externally.

Multiple applications

Dimout, shading, light control, heat control, insect screens, room dividers, business presentation & home cinema screens.

Hand or electric operation

SHY® make excellent electric blinds in the ZIP® system. Wonderful hand-operated blinds, too.

Neat and Stylish

With a compact headbox which contains the cloth cassette and operating mechanism plus slim, aluminium side and bottom channels, SHY® ZIP® blinds can provide an attractive complement to the surrounding decor. The aluminium hardware can be anodised or powder coated to any RAL/BS colour.

Easy access for maintenance

Maintenance access (for all but the smallest, 65mm square head box) is via an easily removed front cover on the headbox. This can be removed for maintenance while the blind is in position.


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