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creation baumann motorised roller blinds


  • Battery powered
  • Design inspired fabrics
  • Multi-function remote control
  • Control using QMotion app on iPhone & Android
  • Virtually Silent
  • Easy Setup
  • 5 Year Batteries
  • Widths from 572mm to 3m
  • Drop up to 3.5m, (subject to fabric limitations)

qmotion roller blindsThe Ecotric I roller shade from Création Baumann

Beautiful collection of design inspired fabrics, wireless battery powered and virtually silent.

Modern, straightforward, direct: roller blinds by Création Baumann get multi-faceted textiles rolling in style while blending discreetly into their surroundings. Their one-dimensional layer radiates calmness and gives rooms a comfortable ambience. They feature mature technology for ease of use. An easy and practical solution for glare protection and blinds, also excellently suited for dimming.

Get textile innovations rolling in stylish and multifaceted ways—be it design, glare protection, blinds, or dim-out. Creation Baumann roller blinds come in many colours, patterns, and textures, each based on the most appropriate production process. Operation comes from QMotion with 5 year battery power and wall mounted handsets.


Creation Baumann roller blinds with support profile for rapid clip mounting are made-to-measure in standard and special sizes and allow very precise adjustments. Operated automatically or manually. Available in aluminium (anodised), white (powder-coated), or made-to-order in other colours.


The sizeable collection features colourful plain fabrics, attractive designs, and fascinating textures in several levels of transparency as well as functional textiles for blinds, glare protection, acoustics, and dimming.

Product Features

Qmotion is battery powered and can be remote controlled, so there are no wires to install or complicated building works.

QMotion UK are the industry leaders when it comes to a wireless shading system. With no power wires or control wires required at all, the user can install a fully motorised and intelligently controlled shading system without the need for using any electricians.

For the first time there really is a system by which you can use motorised shades without the need for chasing out walls or installing unsightly surface mounted conduits to hide the wiring.

iPhone and Andoid apps

iPhone and Android Apps

Got a smart phone, or tablet? You can control your blinds using the QMotion app.

QMotion UK can offer an app for both smart phone and or tablet which can be downloaded in either IOS or android formats. For the app to work and recognise the fact that QMotion UK shades have been installed, the user needs to install a Qsync into their Wi-Fi router.

Once the QMotion app of choice is downloaded all the shades can then be addressed individually and if required grouped together, therefore providing an excellent and easy to use platform in which the shades can be operated.


Wireless Extenders

  • Signal amplification option
  • Powered by USB compliant jack
  • Echoes any command received from the ECOTRIC remote
  • Ideal for large open spaces or rooms with non-standard layout
Virtually Silent

Virtually Silent

Unlike conventional motorised shades, QMotion technology allows for near-silent operation.

QMotion UK motors are almost silent, ensuring that when the shades are operated, that there will be virtually no motor noise that will interrupt or disturb the ambient noise in the room or area to which the shades or blinds are installed.

This leaves the user with a pleasant experience when operating the shades and therefore no unnecessary attention is drawn to the window due to excessive motor noise.

5 Year Batteries

3 year battery life

Based on four operations per day, the batteries last upto 3 years, and are a breeze to replace.

QMotion Shades come complete with pre installed readily available standard Alkaline D cell batteries.

The battery life is dependant on the size of the shade and the amount of operations carried out on a daily basis. However based on a standard sized shade and alongside our fully vetted testing procedures we would suggest that it will work for up to 3 years with out the need for replacing batteries based on 4 fully up/down operations per day.

remote control

Remote Control

The cool QMotion multi-function remote control allows you to control one or multiple blinds at once.

QMotion UK Remote Controls are offered in standard white finish and are designed for easy set up and operation. We offer two types that can either operate a single shade or if more than one shade is installed a multi control remote can be used.

Other remote control accessories that can be purchased are easy install flush mounted plates, which can be fixed to your walls and will hold the remote you have selected by magnet to the flush mounted plate.


Come visit us in our Hove showroom to see our full fabric and sample range. We have a large number of sample blinds on the wall along with a dedicated motorisation section and Markilux awning section.


We offer a free survey and fitting service across most of East and West Sussex, Brighton, Hove, Worthing and surrounding areas. We will bring our samples books to you so that you can see the samples in your own home.


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