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velux skylight blinds


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velux venetian blindVeluxTake control of light

Great things can happen when you incorporate light into the design of your home. But inviting natural light into your living space is one thing. Managing it effectively is another.

Thanks to Velux's latest selection of specially designed blinds, you can not only control the amount of light a room receives, but its direction and quality too.

Each style of blind has a specific purpose, whether you’re looking to soften the light or even block it out completely. These are the only blinds specifically designed and manufactured to fit VELUX Roof Windows.

The latest contemporary design

Blackout or Roller? Pleated or Venetian? Whichever type of blind you choose there’s one thing you can be certain of. Not only have they been designed with supreme functionality in mind, they’ve been created to be sleek and beautiful. From the operation of the blind itself to the eye-catching and contemporary choice of fabrics and materials, you’re spoilt for choice.

velux blackout blinds

velux blackout blindsBlackout Blinds - Ideal for Bedrooms

Turn day into night - VELUX Blackout Blinds give the best total darkness for both night and day. Perfect for afternoon naps and those lighter summer nights. Just right to ensure the kids get that deep sleep they need. They’ll keep you comfortable too. Each blind features an outer aluminium foil that reflects excessive heat from the sun in summer. Equally, this helps retain welcome heat in winter.

The key benefits

  • Help to turn day into night
  • Come with aluminium backing as standard
  • Reduces heat gain and heat loss
  • Available in a wide range of colours and designs

velux duo blackout blind

velux duo blindsThe new Duo Blackout Blind - Ideal for Bedrooms and Living Rooms

Complete light control - VELUX Blinds give you so many options that you can choose between adjusting, dimming or simply softening the light in your room. For complete light control, the New Duo blind is hard to beat. You can have all the benefits of a Blackout blind for those occasions when you want to block the light out completely. Then again, you can enjoy the softer diffused light offered from a Pleated blind.

The key benefits

  • A combination of our Blackout and Pleated blinds
  • Highly versatile
  • You get total blackout and heat control
  • Beautiful and contemporary decorative effects
  • Only available in certain colours and sizes

velux roller blinds

velux roller blindsRoller Blinds - Ideal for Playrooms

Effective. Practical. Stylish - The Roller Blind. Simple, elegant and always stylish. An effective and practical solution that offers both protection and good looks wherever it’s used. Just pull down and create the room-changing mood you’re after. Diffuse the light, and if required ensure your basic privacy. Choose from a wide range of looks and designs.

The key benefits

  • Provides basic privacy
  • Diffuses the light
  • A wide range of colours and patterns
  • Can be positioned at any point on the window for precision light control

velux flying pleated blinds

velux flying pleated blindsThe new Flying Pleated Blinds - Ideal for Living Rooms

Compliment your room design - Of course, our blinds aren’t just designed to be technically efficient and hard wearing. They’re designed to be beautiful. They’re also designed to allow you to express yourself.

Take our Pleated range. Not only can they help you to create colourful and original light effects, they can help you to compliment your personal
choice of furniture and decoration.

The key benefits

  • Allows flexible position in the window, not fixed to the top or bottom
  • Provide basic privacy and greater control of sunlight
  • Elegant, soft, decorative effect
  • 100% transculent cloth
  • Wide range of decorative designs and colours

velux venetian

velux venetianVenetian Blinds - Ideal for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Transform your home - Thanks to a VELUX Venetian Blind you can turn an ordinary room into a space of true beauty A kitchen, for instance, becomes the perfect combination of simple chic appeal and everyday practicality. A bathroom, a haven of calm and tranquillity. This popular range is the ideal solution, in fact, for any place encountering high levels of humidity. So, what are you waiting for? Let the transformation begin.

The key benefits

  • Design features make operation simple and convenient
  • Variable angle of slats for precise light control
  • Improved aesthetics with no cord controls or holes
  • Control mechanisms position blinds at any point on the window
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