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somfy motorised roller blinds

blinds from brite blinds
blinds from brite blinds
blinds from brite blinds
blinds from brite blinds
blinds from brite blinds
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  • Battery, 24vdc and 240vac options
  • Compatible with home automation systems
  • Many cassette options available
  • Over 200 fabrics including
  • Blackout fabrics
  • Energy saving fabrics
  • Made to measure sizes up to 3m wide

simple and stylish

Roller blinds offer simple operation for a stylish look. Suitable for commercial or domestic installation, the roller blind's flexibility meets the full range of needs, from blackout to highly decorative options.

Roller blinds are available with a wide range of options for power and control. We use Somfy motors and controls giving just about any possibility.

Enhance your lifestyle with blinds powered by Somfy motors

Save time and enjoy life more as your motorised blinds do all the work for you. Depending on your preference, we can recommend the Somfy motor and the control option to suit you requirements.

Battery, 24vdc and 240vac power options are all available.

Somfy hand held remote control, wall mounted switches and timers and integration with home automation systems available.

Silent motorised blinds

24vdc powered

With Somfy’s Sonesse® 30 system, your blinds will operate with 24vdc

wireless rollerblinds from somfy

240v mains powered

Somfy’s battery powered motors for blinds eliminate the need for wiring.

wireless rollerblinds from somfy

100% wireless installation

Somfy’s battery powered motors for blinds eliminate the need for wiring.

Silent motorised blinds

A quiet motor

With Somfy’s Sonesse® system, your blinds will operate smoothly and quietly.

Individual or group controlIndividual or group control

You can control all motorised blinds individually or as a group

my favourite position"my" favourite position

Set a favourite position and recall it at the touch of a button!

my favourite positionTimer control

Programme your automatic blinds to open in the morning and lower in the evening.

home automation av systemsHome automation compatible

Using RS485 our blinds can be integrated into most home automation systems

We use the Louvolite system 40 and 45 to make the roller blinds and Somfy's motors and control to motorise the blinds. They are available battery, 24vdc and 240vac powered with various control options available.

Somfy Motor Options

Sonesse 30 motor

sonesse 30

  • 24vdc motor
  • Quiet drive operation
  • Dry Contact, RTS and RS485
  • Compatible with home automation systems
  • Adjustable speed

These are available with a variety of transformer and control options. Multiple blinds can powered from a single transformer.

Sonesse 40 motor

sonesse 30

  • 240vac motor
  • Quiet drive operation
  • Hard wired or RTS

If 240vac power is available close to the blind this can be the ideal solution. No transformers are required simply plug the cable into the nearest 13amp socket and the blind is ready to go.

Somfy wirefree battery motor

sonesse 30

  • 12vdc motor
  • Battery powered
  • Solar powered option

The blinds are powered by either a reloadable battery tube or by sealed battery packs. Solar power is available upto a maximum drop of 1600mm

Full cassette motorised roller blinds

Our lightshield roller blinds are available with 240vac motorisation as an option. Somfy controls are used.


We offer a unique collection of roller blind fabrics comprising plain, printed designs, textured and jacquard weaves, dimout, blackout and fire retardant fabrics - solutions for all applications. Scallops, braids and trims are also available to finish off your roller blind.

Blackout and Dimout

With blackout and dimout roller blinds the user experiences almost total exclusion or a substantial reduction in light. They are increasingly popular in the home offering increased sun protection, reduction in energy consumption and to enhance the viewing of modern audio visual equipment.

Cassette option

You can enclose your roller blind in a stylish cassette with open cassette and closed cassette options available you make your roller blind stand out from the crowd.


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