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Somfy Glydea motorised curtain tracks

blinds from brite blinds
blinds from brite blinds
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We offer various motorised curtain tracks.

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Somfy Glydea™

Glydea™ – Quiet, smart and good looking!
Somfy’s Glydea™ electric curtain track system offers the utmost comfort! You have the ability to open/close the curtains at the touch of a button or send the curtains to any desired position. Glydea™ also offers ‘Touch Motion’ – when you pull on the curtain, ‘Touch Motion  takes over and automatically draws the curtains open or closed – clever!

Save energy and enhance your security
The Glydea™ electric curtain track system is compatible with our range of automatic timers and sun sensors. Add a timer to draw your curtains open first thing in the morning or close them in the early evening. A timer will ensure that the curtains always close on those cold winter evenings and add an extra layer of insulation to help with the fuel bills. Sun sensors can automatically close your electric curtains to protect interior furnishings or help keep rooms cool.

Silent Gliss

Silent gliss offer many motorisation options for their curtain tracks including the Silent Gliss Metropole that gives the impression of a pole but operates like a track.

We have recently introduced a range of curtains for either 'supply only', if you want to replace your existing curtains. Or we can supply the whole service of supply and fit.


We have a large range of fabrics available to be viewed in our showrooms or if you'd prefer we can have curtains made to your choice of fabric from outlets such as John Lewis etc. In a some cases we can organise to have the fabrics purchased on your behalf. We just need to know the name and manufacturer of the fabric. Ordering this way covers you against any flaws in the fabric being present. If flaws are found on the finished product they will be replaced with no cost to yourself.

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