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motorised electric blinds for a smart home

Somfy TaHoma now available from brite blinds
Somfy Connexoon from brite blinds
App controlled smart blinds with Somfy Connexoon
Somfy Connexoon
Smart Home electric blinds with Somfy TaHoma and Connexoon
electric blinds from brite blinds
smart blinds from brite blinds
electric blinds from brite blinds
smart blinds from brite blinds
electric blinds from brite blinds
motorised somfy blinds from brite blinds
electric smart blinds from brite blinds
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Whats a Smart Home?

A smart home is a home that incorporates advanced automation systems to provide the inhabitants with sophisticated monitoring and control over the building's functions. Traditionally these systems have been out of the reach of most people but with new systems such as Somfys TaHoma and Connexoon smart technology is becoming affordable.

Whats available?

Smart blinds are available with Somfy motors that can be used to motorise the majority of electric blinds available. Whether it’s a Roller, Venetian, Pleated or Roman - Somfy have it covered!

Blinds and curtains can be controlled with Apps on Android and Apple devices, and with TaHoma and Amazon Echo and Alexa voice control is available.

TaHoma can also monitor security cameras, lights and thermostats.

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Experience the benefits of a connected home with Somfy TaHoma® or Connexoon RTS, or control your blinds with your voice with Alexa and Goggle Home.

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smart home products

Somfy TaHoma Smart Home Hub

NEW website - www.smarthomeblinds.co.uk.

  • Smart home solutions are now on our new website
  • Experience the benefits of a connected home
  • Voice and app control of your blinds
voice control your blinds with alexa

Amazons Echo and Echo plus

  • monitor and operate your blinds, curtain, lights and more with Alexa
  • Amazon Echo Plus can operate QMotion blinds without any additional hubs
Somfy TaHoma Smart Home Hub

Somfy TaHoma

  • monitor and operate your blinds, curtain, lights and more
  • app control from mobile or tablet
  • now compatible with alexa
Somfy Connexoon RTS

Somfy Connexoon RTS

  • control your blinds with your phone
  • compatible with all interior blinds, motorised by Somfy
Somfy RTS Plug

Somfy RTS Plug

  • compatible with TaHoma and Connexoon RTS
  • compatible with somfy handsets
  • control any plug in device from your somfy handset
QMotion QSync

QMotion Qsync

  • smart phone control
  • works with qmotion app

Available blinds

Electric Roller blinds

Electric Roller Blinds

  • 24vdc or mains powered
  • cordless battery and solar
  • remote control operation
  • blinds available upto 3m wide
Electric Pleated, plisse and duette blinds

Electric Duette and Plisse blinds

  • energy saver
  • battery or 24vdc somfy power
  • lutron battery power
  • remote control operation
Electric wood venetian blinds

Electric Wood Venetians

  • 240vac powered
  • cordless battery
  • Tilt, raise & lower
  • remote control operation
Electric vertical blinds

Electric Vertical Blinds

  • 240v somfy power
  • split and single side operation
  • remote control operation
  • widths upto 5m, drops upto 3m
Electric metal aluminium venetian blinds

Electric Metal Venetian Blinds

  • 24vdc or battery power
  • Tilt, raise & lower
  • remote control operation
  • widths upto 2.6m
Electric Roman blinds

Electric Roman Blinds

  • 24vdc powered
  • cordless battery and solar
  • widths to 2.4m
  • remote control operation
Motorised SHY blinds

SHY Electric roller blinds

  • battery, 24vdc and 240v mains
  • widths upto 6.8m wide with SHY Obscura blinds
  • total blackout with SHY's blackout ZIP side channels
Electric vision and visage blinds

Vision and Visage blinds

  • battery power
  • lithium rechargable batteries
  • somfy controls available
Electric silhouette blinds

Electric Silhouette Shades

  • multiple vane widths
  • battery and 24vdc
  • room darkening
Electric curtain tracks

Electric Curtains

  • 240vac power
  • hand operation
  • Somfy and Silent Gliss
somfy accessories

Motorisation Accessories Shades

  • handsets and wall mounted
  • timers for automated control
  • various styles available
Markilux internal conservatory blinds

Markilux internal conservatory awnings

  • alternative to pleated roof blinds
  • motorised operation
  • cover large areas with one blind

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Wirefree Range

Sonesse Brochure

Sonesse Guide

Enhance your lifestyle with blinds powered by Somfy motors

Save time and enjoy life more as your motorised blinds do all the work for you. Depending on your preference, we can recommend the Somfy motor and the control to suit you requirements.

Silent motorised blinds A quiet motor

With Somfy’s Sonesse® system, your blinds will operate smoothly and quietly.

wireless rollerblinds from somfy 100% wireless installation

Somfy’s battery powered motors for blinds eliminate the need for wiring.

Individual or group controlIndividual or group control

You can control all motorised blinds individually or as a group

my favourite position"my" favourite position

Set a favourite position and recall it at the touch of a button!

my favourite positionTimer control

Programme your automatic blinds to open in the morning and lower in the evening.

home automation av systemsHome automation compatible

Using RS485 our blinds can be integrated into most home automation systems