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QMotion motorised curtain tracks

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QMotion Curtain Tracks

The TPro-30 motorised curtain track system is ideal for AV, commercial or residential environments where clients are looking for a high level of control or for windows that are difficult to reach with a manual system.

The TPro-30 provides unsurpassed control functionality with quiet motors that can be operated by manually tugging the fabric or by a hand held remote.


  • Up to 12 metres wide
  • Upto 50kg weight
  • Intelligent Limit Settings
  • Quiet Operation, (30db)
  • Soft Tug Start Function
  • can be operated manually when not powered

We can also provide a timer function allowing the user the ability to chronologically control the opening and closing of the curtains even when they are out. The TPro-30 curtain track system is the ultimate in luxury automated control but with the amazing assurance that you can manually override the track at any time.

  • Obstacle Detection: The curtain will stop automatically if resistance is met, to protect components and safeguard the operating system.
  • Longevity: By incorporating the best quality components including a high tensile synchronous belt and materials resistant to corrosion, the system has been tested to function for over 15000 operations or up to 20 years in normal use.
  • Flexible Control Methods: The system can be operated by an RF remote control unit, hard wired manual switch or RS232/485 communication. A dry contact control interface is available for central control system integration or simultaneous manual and RF remote control.
  • Radio Receiver and Transformer: The unique fully integrated radio receiver and transformer is fitted with the ultra reliable heterodyne chip offering effortless wireless operation with strong anti-jamming capability.
  • Group Connection Function: The system allows motors to be controlled individually or grouped, allowing flexible system management via a single external switch.
  • Power Supply: The convenient, fully enclosed transformer allows simple AC220V power supply connection
  • Heading: Pinch Pleat or Wave with 60 - 80mm spacing.
  • Invertible Motor to Track Option: The motor can be mounted above or below the track, allowing a variety of installation options.

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