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cassette roller blinds

Cassette Roller Blind The Lightshield Cassette Roller Blind System has been designed to suit many different applications related to room darkening, especially where VDU and AV are in operation. The cassette system comes complete with integral headbox and side channels to provide the ideal solution for room darkening.

The head boxes, side and bottom channels are all precision manufactured in aluminium, finished in white as standard. All box openings have a continuous nylon brush seal. The three standard head boxes available are 65mm, 85mm and 115mm. Side channels are available in four sizes to suit the head box required and the particular application.

Standard Channels

Blinds with Standard Channels are manufactured with retaining buttons on the edge of the fabric to ensure the fabric remain within the side channels.

lightshield roller blind

Zip Channels

Blinds with Zip channels are manufactured with a continuous retaining zip which is welded to the fabric down both sides. The zip runs through an inner plastic channel which is held within the aluminium side channel. This ensures that the blind operates smoothly yet is still retained within the side channel. This is the recommended option for all applications and should be exclusively used where blinds are covering opening windows. The zip system can only be used on fabrics that can be welded. Zip Channel can only be used with 85mm and 115mm Headbox.

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